Saturday, 6 August 2011


I've been scouring the terminal for a power outlet. Seriously, in this day and age, and in a terminal as new as this, WHY don't they have them in every corner?

Eventually I did find one. Got all set up. Everything copacetic. Except one thing. There's no power! What? Are you joking? It's this big hub meant to be for people to charge their batteries. I flipped switches, I poked buttons, I read all the signs. Cannot figure it out.

Give up. Just worked on the iPad as is. Figured it was fully charged before I left, still have 90+% battery life. Hopefully will be in 1st class, so I'll have a socket, anyway, and if not... well, there's always inflight entertainment if my battery did give out before the end of the flight. And, I doubted that it would. So just went about my web browsing as usua.

Checked the time, oh look! The gate's been posted. Made my way down. Told the guy on the desk that I was there (something I always do, so they know a standby passenger is there. Even though theoretically I'm on the list, I always check just to be sure.) The go find a corner to stand in and wait til they're ready to give me a seat assignment.

Another socket hub. Hmm.... check it out. Still nothing. Had a conversation with several others who had also had no luck getting it to work. Seriously, what's the deal?

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