Saturday, 6 August 2011

Hmmm.... Not Looking Good

Aaaargh! Seriously! Where on earth do all these "inconvenienced passengers" keep coming from? When I got here this afternoon, the flight looked brilliant. Loads of seats, few people trying to get one. And now, there's this huge bunch of "inconvenienced passengers"! They're people who for whatever reason, couldn't get on their original flight. Obviously, they get priority over me. But... it's really confusing. Where did they come from?

A little anxious at the moment, as I'm really desperate to get home. I got an email yesterday from my housemate saying my Jeep had been broken into, and my stereo stolen. So, I'm kind of urgently needing to get home to deal with that. I have filed the police report online, but... it's still stressful being here, not there.

It's seriously looking bad for getting on.


  1. If they have checked you in - double check if your luggage has been loaded already - it should not be able to leave without you. Also as a single person you may get a single leftover seat if a family with children can't split up. All the best for you and luggage leaving and arriving together...Lorna

  2. Yeah, but they won't load the standby luggage until they issue you a seat, so it didn't happen. The "leftover" seats are already what I'm trying for. That's what I do, fly standby. Cheaper, but.... you do get stranded occasionally.

  3. I dread to think what would happen if relatives abroad get sick and these struggles follow...L

  4. Well, it's a little different. If you can prove urgent circumstances (like a funeral, or sever illness) there's what are called "Compassion Tickets" which are reduced fairs. They're regular seats, though, not standby. So you will get on the flight, unlike me.

  5. I would hope never know with family abroad if and when a call will come...good luck yourself getting home this weekend. Lorna


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