Sunday, 7 August 2011

Next Stop Detroit... no JFK... no Boston!

So I tried to get out on the Detroit flight. No joy. There were 20 of us standby trying to get on. Right next door was a flight to Miami that was just boarding. I asked about standby, and they said all standbys were going to get on. I asked if I could get my listing switched, but they said it was too late. Ok, lesson learned. When you're trying to get on a flight, always ask if another flight looks more likely.

So I went over to the JFK desk and asked about the flight to JFK. I knew that there were 20 standby passengers trying to get on, and whilst I wasn't the last on the list, I was a long way from the top. They had a look and said that there were 25 passengers who had not checked in, and checkin had now closed, so to leave it. I said, ok!

Maybe 20 minutes later I hear my name being paged. So I run back up to the desk, hoping they were going to give me a seat assignment. Sadly, no. BUT! They had switched my listing to the Boston flight that leaves a half hour after the JFK flight.

Which means? No one trying to get on the JFK flight will be able to get listed on the Boston flight, so I won't be in competition with quite as many people.

Bless them! I was the only person they did that for, and it was in the middle of them trying to get the flight ready for boarding, so you know they were busy. Seriously, it pays to be nice, to be friendly, to be easy going.....

So, now I'm sitting in the Boston Gate, fingers crossed to make it there. No idea what rout I'm taking after that, but who cares?!? I'll be past the worst bit!

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