Sunday, 7 August 2011

New Plan

Me again. Yeah, I know. You were seriously hoping I'd flown off into the wild blue yonder..... Nope. Still here!

So the new plan is to try for:

New York (12.30)
Atlanta (1.00)
Boston (1.30)
Atlanta (2.45)
Minneapolis (2.25)
New York (5.40)

Hopefully I'll get on one of those flights!! Seriously, how long can one girl not get a flight?

I'll check to see which of the 2.45 flights are least full, least standby list and go that rout.

Once I get to the States, it'll be easier to get back home. If need be, I can walk. But it's kinda wet to walk from here.


  1. Hellooo
    yep far far to wet to walk,lol,plus you`ll get blisters and your face will go all red cause you will be sweltering,lol,so wait for a plane!!
    Can`t get a reception on the mobile so stopping by before i head out.
    Everything crossed you get a flight today.
    thinking about you.

  2. Thanks, Tracy! {{{hugs}}} to you, too.


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