Friday, 5 August 2011

Leaning on a Lamppost at the Corner of the Street....

Well, actually, I'm sitting on the step of my friends' flat, not leaning on a lamppost. But there's no song for that. Anyway, I've spent a way fun day at Kew Gardens today. My "oooh lookie! Free day in London" idea.

This morning when I left the house, I text my friend that I was leaving, and what time did he want me back this evening? He text back, "Don't you have a key?" Ummm... no.... yesterday when I went off to the airport, he gave me his keys (so I could double lock the door as I left) and I tossed them back through the letterbox on the door (common thing to do in the UK). His partner let us all back in when we got home that evening. So I just assumed we still didn't have any spare keys! He texts back that there's a set on the kitchen table. Oh dear... well, I've already left the house, and it's locked. So, I'll just get home whenever is convenient for them. I knew he'd be in and out all day, as today was his day off work (he's an ambulance driver).

Anyway... this evening I get back to the flat around half 5, as planned. No one's home, but no big deal. I rang to say I'd arrived at the flat. He tells me there's a key under the dustbin. So I go find it, and try to get in. Bottom key turns fine. Top key..... nothing. Won't work. It's a brand new key, and you know how sometimes the cut doesn't go right, for whatever reason, and you get a bum key? Yep. I got a bum key.

So I'm sitting out front of my friend's flat. Their neighbours keep giving me odd looks as they pass back and forth. I have no idea what time they'll be home. Not particularly fussed, because it's a nice night. I have my iPad, not raining, not hungry...... but..... do I text to say that the key didn't work and risk them cutting their evening short? Or just wait til they get home and risk having them be all embarrassed? I'm really not inconvenienced, like I said.

Hmmm.... quandaries!

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  1. Ah, I'd say, just wait it out! Let the passersby come up with their own stories!!! LOL


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