Thursday, 4 August 2011

I May Have to Swim

I'm sitting in my friends' flat in London. They live a half hour drive from Heathrow, so very kindly invited me to stay with them the night before the flight. That means I wouldn't have to do any marathon runs to the airport (which I've done) or pay the price for an airport hotel (which I've also done!) Bless them. Actually, I frequently use them as my port of call when I'm flying out of Heathrow.

Anyway, it's been gorgeous weather for about 4 days. You know that sort of thing isn't tolerated in the UK. So in order to break this horrible trend, two days of solid rain were ordered! Sadly, for me, that delivery was received last night. It's been pouring for about 10 hours. Looks like I'll arrive to the airport swimming!

But, I did something very sensible yesterday. I booked a mini-cab to take me to the airport. It's only £18 from here to the airport via mini-cab (which are not as expensive as a London Black Cab, but you only want to get one if you've booked it from a car service!) and it saves me all the pain and effort of getting to the train station on my own (because, of course, my friends are both off at work) and then getting from the station to the correct terminal, all with two bags to be checked, plus carryon! Totally worth the money.

Hopefully, I'll get to the airport and be handed my ticket straight away! Fingers crossed, anyway. I'm flying to a less popular destination this leg. Heading to Billings, Montana via Minneapolis, Minnesota. There's not quite the same crush of people desperate to fly to Minnesota as there are to New York or Atlanta (being the biggest Delta Hub). So, fingers crossed that this is an easy rout!

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