Sunday, 10 July 2011

Madam, Please Get Off the Train

Well, I did have a delay on my journey South today. Rather amusing, too. I'm sat on the train at the Loughbourough (that's pronounced Luffburou, by the way) for a remarkably long time. Eventually we did head off. The conductor gets on the intercom and apologises for the (15 minute) delay and says, "There was an unticketed passenger who refused to get off the train. We had to wait for the police to come and escort her from the train. I do apologise, but I will not have passengers abusing the transport or myself. You passengers pay the eventual price of fare dodgers, and that's just not on."

Well! That was different!

I'm now on the train home to Colchester. Fingers crossed for an uneventful journey!

1 comment:

  1. you mean Lou-gah-bor-oug-ah!?! Thats the New Zealand pro. of Loughborough BTW!


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