Monday, 8 August 2011

The Honest Truth

The following account is true. I promise.

I was sitting in Terminal 3 JFK today, waiting for the last Minneapolis flight (which I didn't get on!) when a family sat down along the table next to me. They were using the free iPads set up on the table, checking out this that and something else. About 82 kids (ok, only 4, but they were EVERYWHERE) older teens or early 20s, all of them. Anyway, they were talking about various things, and I just knew they were from Salt Lake. But, I didn't ask, because I didn't want to make them uncomfortable (a random stranger asking where they lived.) Eventually, though, my curiosity over came my good sense. I asked, "Are you from Salt Lake?" They said yes (the mom) and I said, "That's where I'm living now, too." And we started talking. They asked what I do, and lacking anything better to say for the moment, I said, "I've been teaching at BYU for the past year." They asked what subject. I said Linguistics. They said, "Oh, our son Mack graduates on Friday from BYU in Linguistics."

I went... Mack. Graduating. Do you mean Mack xxxxxx? Gobsmacked looks. YES! Hilarious. I actually had him for two different classes! I had him for one class Winter Term, and another Spring.

What are the chances?

Actually, he was the best student in the second class he had from me.


    My son thinks that when we travel together, I ALWAYS, ALWAYS run into someone I know! LOL Most of the time, it's true! hee hee

  2. Well, Vee, when you know half the universe, it's hardly surprising you'd run into at least one!


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