Saturday, 2 July 2011

¡Viva España!

Se parece que sea mejor para mi si me voy siempre a España, no a Inglaterra. Es la segunda vez en la que no pudría llegar a Inglaterra por nada, pero llegue fácilmente a España. Vale... me quedo aquí ahorra. :D

Oh wait, you don't speak Spanish? Well, neither do I any more, or so it feels. Boy am I rusty! I can do it, but I've forgotten SO MUCH. It's quite shocking, really. Tragic, as well. Ok all my Spanish Speaking Amigos.... Let's practice together!

Anyway, here I am in Málaga, España. The last time I flew standby to England (wait... was it the last time? Hmmm.... Yes, I guess it was the last time I did the voyage that direction) I couldn't get to London then, either. Of course, that was in the middle of the ash cloud fiasco from the Volcano in Iceland. I spent 3 days in Atlanta, and got rescued by a friend (Hi Mary Lou!) In fact, I was supposed to have flown from Atlanta to London-Gatwick, collected my car from the car park, driven home for 2 nights, swapped luggage and driven to Stanstead to fly to Madrid and meet up with some friends. So, instead of spending 2 nights at home, I spent them in Atlanta. Not a big deal, except that I was also preparing to move back to the US so I had 2 suitcase.... Completely empty. You heard me! I had the clothes I was standing up in, and 2 changes of underwear. So when I saw the writing on the wall that I was simply NOT getting out to London, I asked to change my ticket to Madrid, instead. Got the last seat out and caught up with my friends at the airport. Flew 1st class, too. Funny thing about that trip was, when I got to the hotel that evening, and checked my email? I found an email from EasyJet saying that due to the ash cloud, my flight to Spain had been cancelled, so I could either refund or rebook the ticket. I got a refund on the 1st half, which paid for the extra days parking, and rebooked the 2nd half to Gatwick, rather than Stanstead! Brilliant.

Anyway, it looks like Spain is my lucky card, because yet again I managed to get on a flight to Spain when nothing else was working. Bless the gate attendants, they were seriously sweet. They said, "You've been here for 3 days? We've GOT to get you on this flight." Then, my name popped up as cleared to board, so I went to get my boarding card and discovered it was no longer cleared. Why? Because they wanted to see if they couldn't get me into 1st class. Bless their cotton socks! They did it, too. I flew over in seat 3C.

Best part about the trip? The complementary toothpaste! I don't DO liquids or pastes anymore when I fly. Too complicated. So I had a toothbrush with me in my carryon, but no toothpaste. That, of course, meant that I was brushing my teeth without toothpaste for 2 nights. Bleh! Better than nothing though. (Livia is probably horrified, because I stayed one night with her, and didn't think to ask for toothpaste! She's gone to bed before I thought of it.)

Here's a little look at the goodie bag you get flying up front.


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