Sunday, 7 August 2011

Wait... what?

Ok, that was weird.

I didn't get on the Minneapolis flight. They said all of us had been transferred to the Atlanta flight... What Atlanta flight? The one that was supposed to be leaving at the same time as this one? Because if so, WHY ON EARTH could you do that for this flight, but not the Miami flight, which had extra room?!? And left half an hour after the flight I was originally trying for? So confused.

Anyway, we all trouped back to the Atlanta flight (which was next to the Boston flight we'd all failed to get on earlier) and the desk attendants there looked at us and said, Why are you here? We said, the Minneapolis folks said they transferred us to your flight. They just shook their heads and transferred us to the last flight of the day (JFK).

Bless her, the poor attendant was the same one who'd tried to get us on the flight last night to JFK. She felt SO bad we hadn't got on. Obviously we knew it wasn't her fault! We were really kind to her, and had a chat. She said, "I don't know what gate the JFK will be at." I said, "Probably gate 10. Yes, I have been here that long!" She laughed and told us good luck.

Incidentally, she was the same attendant who'd transferred my listing from the JFK to the Boston flight this morning, in the middle of boarding! (Wait... was it JFK to Boston? Or was it somewhere else.... I've seriously lost track now!)

Right. One more chance tonight. There are currently 14 people on the standby list. I'm towards the bottom (but *shock* NOT the last!) We'll see if I get on. However, the plane is currently +3 (meaning they've still got 3 empty seats) and it's raining, and the M3 is closed.... which means more people might miss their connection.

I'm an evil person to be wishing horrible things on the paying customers!

Right. Hopefully I make the flight. Still have to admit to hoping for a 1st class seat.... I said I was an evil person, not a stupid one!

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