Saturday, 2 July 2011

Hello Luggage!

Some day scientists are going to find the Sapient Pear Wood from which The Luggage is made. I'm seriously looking forward to that. The most amazing luggage ever. Not only does it never get lost (it follows you around on hundreds of little legs) and have a seemingly infinite amount of room inside (which is apparently exempt from weight restrictions, in addition to the space paradox), but it actually does your laundry for you! Either that, or it has a direct conduit to a dry-cleaners. Either way, I want one! But until then, I'll have to make due with this:

Hey, at least it's here! (Actually, it beat me by 2 days.)


  1. Let me know when you do find this "magical" luggage! LOL

  2. Absolutely. You and Lois are the 1st on the list!


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