Thursday, 30 June 2011

Thank You for Flying Adele Airlines

Good morning (or afternoon... I think it's afternoon now) everyone! Welcome to my new blog. We realise that when you are selecting your blogging activities that you have a wide choice, so we appreciate you choosing to fly with us.

Welcome to High Class Hitchhiking. What is High Class Hitchiking, you ask? Well, it's flying standby. Why is that High Class? Because it still costs more than walking (of course, you can get places that walking can't) and sometimes you get lucky and end up in First Class!

I don't always fly standby, but whenever I have the time I do. Actually, I do this for two reasons:
1 - Save money. It is cheaper to fly standby.
2 - Kind of fun. I actually do enjoy the... not drama exactly. More, the anticipation of the unknown. You never know where you'll end up, nor how you'll get there. I love that. Besides, I meet the nicest people.

The idea for this blog struck me last night as I was camped out in JFK airport in New York City. I thought about starting it up then, but I was kind of tired after 2 days of wondering if I was going to get on a plane to England, so I decided to wait til I had a little more brain power before starting off.

Just at the moment the layout of the blog is pretty basic, and kind of boring. That's mostly because I'm working on my iPad, so don't have my image editing software to crate an awesome background. When (if!) I get home, I'll prettify the blog. Til then, enjoy the simplicity of minimalism.


  1. BRILLIANT, Adorable idea!!!!! Thanks for asking!

  2. Awesome! Can't wait to follow the adventure!


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