Thursday, 30 June 2011

Lucky Number 7?

I was just sitting here thinking... I have no idea how many flights I've now tried to get on. There was Manchester then London on Tuesday, London, then Manchester, then London yesterday. Amsterdam today. Now Malaga (Spain). That makes this my 7th Attempt in 3 days. Lets hope that this one does the trick.

The list for this one is much more promising. There are no other standby passengers, only 5 "inconvenienced passengers" (those who've had flights delayed/cancelled or otherwise had the plans disrupted) which would put me at #6 on the list, and there are 10 seats still available. That's totally the best odds I've had. Just because the list looks good now doesn't mean it will look good in 2 hours, when I'm boarding.

Fingers are now crossed for Malaga at 7.20.

You should have heard the rebooking agent I spoke to to get he flight changed from Amsterdam to Malaga. She asked where I was heading, and I said I was currently ticketed to Amsterdam, but would like to change it to Malaga. Silence. "Ummm... In Spain?" Yes. I know. One of these things is not like the other... but, it makes no never mind to me, seeing as how my final destination is neither Amsterdam NOR Malaga. *shrug*

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