Thursday, 30 June 2011

Legalised Extortion

I knew that Extortion was one of the things that New York was famous for... but honestly, this is SHAMELESS! Do you see the price? $3.26. This is the change I got back from a $5! WTH? I don't even like Pepsi! But, it was the only thing available from the To Go kiosk by the gate.

To Go is the only vendor in range of the blessed and all important electric outlet for my iPad. I mean the thing has plenty of battery, but if I'm hanging out for 4+ hours before (or between) flights, plus the 7+ hours of the flight, I've got to have a power source!

Maybe I can get someone to look into the Extortion Racket going on.....


  1. Have you seen the new carryon bags with the little batteries in them for lap tops? They even have wheels! However, they cost a bit of $. I have one on my someday wish list.

  2. No! I hadn't heard of them.... certainly something to go on my "Someday" list.


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